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Cherry Blooms is an Australian beauty brand that uses Korean inspired technology in their products- all geared towards the eyes. Whether it be lashes, liner, or brows – Cherry Blooms has something for you! I was sent a few product to try out, and the standout for me is the Fiber Brow Kit ($49). It comes with stencils and comes in 4 different shades for different hair colors. With their proprietary blend of fibers + powder, your brows are instantly a bit fuller and filled in. The doe foot & powder can get a bit messy, so be careful when applying!

I was also sent their Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner ($24.95) which I handed off to a friend, because, I don’t typically use liquid liner. Also, the Brush On Fiber Lashes ($49)  is a 3-step product that seem super cool to me…I like how the fibers are black, as most are usually white fibers that you have to cover with mascara to disguise them. Fiber mascaras were trendy quite a few years back and I really liked them for a time, but I couldn’t use this one either because I’ve been having some eye issues and don’t want to use anything different that may irritate them!

If you’re needing a boost for lackluster or thin brows & lashes- check these products out! Admittedly a bit  pricy, but if you’re really struggling with thin brows and sparse lashes, I think Cherry Blooms may be able to help when others can’t!