How We Give Back

Kiss Poverty Goodbye Campaign - 2017

Cherry Blooms has expanded their product range into the lip category and pledges to donate part of the production costs to grass roots charities and orphanages starting in the Philippines.

Our Founder, Jellaine Dee was born in Philippines and she plans to make an impact by tapping into the “economy of lipstick”. Lipstick is the most consumed beauty product for women around the world and Cherry Blooms commits to give back regardless of currency, cash-flow or what country it is sold in by pledging a donation at production, rather than at point of sale. In this way, Cherry Blooms aims to make a social impact in the growing and complex issue of global poverty.

Jellaine recently visited and filmed her own docu-series that she plans to share with her online community to bring awareness into the work of grass roots charities and homeless street kids in the Philippines enduring life without basic needs like food, shelter and clothing. With this campaign, Cherry Blooms aims to raise conversation and awareness about how Westerners and brands can give back, by getting an insight on the everyday reality of poverty and homelessness in one of the poorest countries in the world.

This campaign is in addition to the financial support Jellaine has informally provided to eight Filipino families during the past three years.




Take a look inside the #KissPovertyGoodbye campaign docu-series our founder Jellaine Dee filmed in the Philippines as a glimpse of the work we do with grassroots charities and street kids directly.

Proceeds of part production costs of each unit goes directly to grassroots charities of the #KissPovertyGoodbye campaign, helping street children have a better life away from homelessness, abuse and child trafficking.

"Help me spread the message to help make an impact in the world, one lipstick at a time ❤" 

- Jellaine, Founder Cherry Blooms

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Here is Part 1 of the docu-series that Jellaine our Founder captured to take a look inside the importance of contributing back into causes that we are passionate about as a brand. 

She travels to the Philippines, her birth country where there are 100 million people with a large majority living in poverty. The increased number of homelessness and child trafficking has become an epidemic. 

With our new Matte Lips Volumizer product, we are donating part proceeds to grassroots charities and street children to provide basic needs.

Stay tuned for Part 2 where Jellaine visits the orphanage where she meets an abandoned baby found in a plastic bag and other kids on the street who didn't even have the basic needs of clothes or shoes. It's absolutely eye-opening to capture it first hand.



Jellaine visits the orphanage where she meets an abandoned baby found in a plastic bag and other kids on the street who didn't even have the basic items of clothes or shoes..... 

This is a real look at what it's really like for millions of people living in poverty in the third world. The shocking footage of the kids begging on the street with no clothes on was truly heart breaking.



Take a look at Part 3, the final video of the #KissPovertyGoodbye docu-series.

Jellaine visits some relatives and takes a look at the reality for millions of families doing it tough, trying to make ends meet.

Find out how you can support our campaign and make a difference to children living in poverty or who have been orphaned in the Philippines.




SBS Homelessness Documentary – 2016/2017


Jellaine Dee, Founder of Cherry Blooms was chosen as one of five seemingly 'privileged' Australians to take part in a national documentary exploring the growing population of homelessness in Australia. The immersive documentary series for SBS saw her live among the homeless community for 10 days and nights on the cold streets of Melbourne.

The participants discover what life is like for the nation’s 105,000 homeless people in Australia and how their lives spiralled into homeless.  Their varied preconceptions of homeless people are challenged by immersing them into the community.




Dancing CEO's - Women's Legal Services - 2015/2016



Jellaine was one of twelve CEO’s who competitively danced to raise funds for Women’s Legal Services and helped raise funds of $219,000 AUD. She had only four dance lessons and performed a samba routine in front of a crowd of 700 people at City Hall.

All proceeds raised by Jellaine as part of the event went directly to Women’s Legal Service and assisted to provide free legal and welfare assistance to Queensland women affected by domestic violence.





Look Good Feel Better - 2016

Cherry Blooms have donated $3,000 worth of beauty products to the Look Good Feel Better organisation in USA.

Many of the Cherry Blooms products have been favoured amongst women in remission to regain the look of their lash and brows after hair loss during chemotherapy treatments.

Look Good Feel Better is dedicated to improving the quality of life and self-esteem of people undergoing cancer treatment. The program offers complimentary group, individual, and online sessions that teach beauty techniques to help people with cancer to face their diagnosis with greater confidence. 


Mentoring - 2014 - Present

Jellaine regularly mentors young high school girls looking to learn about their career prospects, life plans and issues they are tackling stepping into adult-hood. Jellaine invites the students into her home one-on-one; for an afternoon of conversation, action planning the young girls can take to head them on the right path to fulfilling their ambitions in the corporate world or the different path of entrepreneurship.



Internship - 2013 - Present

Cherry Blooms has taken under its wing fifteen interns in the past few years and have helped students gain an insight into the workings of of a global beauty brand. Many of the students are enrolled at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Internship program, and their semester of time at Cherry Blooms goes towards their final mark at University.

Most of the Cherry Blooms interns have landed full time corporate jobs before graduating due to the first hand experience Cherry Blooms has allowed them to undergo, making them more competitive than other graduating students.